Using an SD card with the GO Navigation app

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TomTom GO Navigation works optimally when onboard maps are stored on internal system memory. We recommend not storing maps on SD Cards.

External SD cards on Android can work in two modes: as extension of internal storage or as portable storage. See this nice article for more details

1. When the SD card is formatted as internal storage, app's and its map content location is controlled from system settings. Go to
Settings > Apps -> TomTom app -> Storage Change
This is feature is not available on all phones and formatting flow can manufacturer specific.

2. When SD card is used in portable mode app will choose where to store maps at first startup.

Unfortunately since Android 11 the file read performance on SD cards was restricted too much for our app purposes. So we had to drop supporting this mode on this version of Android. To avoid problems for users in case they get an update to Android 11 update, the app also no longer picks SD card for storing maps if your phone came preinstalled with Android 9 or higher.

If you wish to store maps on an external SD card, follow these steps:
  1. Before the first run ensure that there is more free space on the external SD card than on the phone.
  2. Double-check that the SD card is recognised by the Android operating system (E.g. visible in My files app).
If you have previously uninstalled the app, some phones do not remove application files from the external SD card ([sdcardpath]/Android/data/com.tomtom...../). This may lead to problems with accessing the card when the app is reinstalled. Make sure your SD card is free of leftovers.
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