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Petrol Prices

ajukajuk Posts: 20 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
Not getting petrol prices but traffic information is updating so assume I must have the iPhone linking correctly.

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  • ajukajuk Posts: 20 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
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    Worked it out. does not show 98 octane but only 95 octane. I use 98 octane and had set "My Car" to that.


  • ajukajuk Posts: 20 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Accepted Answer
    Worked it out. does not show 98 octane but only 95 octane. I use 98 octane and had set "My Car" to that.
  • d.pegg_un30d.pegg_un30 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    The fuel prices displayed on my tom tom go discover 7" are very inaccurate. When passing a garages on my route the price displayed on my go discover are sometimes up to 15p per liter over the real price on displayed on the forecourt.
  • d.pegg_un30d.pegg_un30 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    The garage fore court sign is advertising the price of fuel but the tom tom go discover sometimes increases this by up to 15p a litre. Any ideas folks.
  • bigbig Posts: 1,670
    At least in the US, fuel prices shown are the prices for credit cards (cash is often lower) and are for the fuel you have set in your Discover preferences. If you are passing a petrol station and you see different prices make sure you are looking at the appropriate price. The prices seem generally accurate in the US but perhaps not elsewhere.
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 291 [Supreme Pioneer]

    I have found the fuel prices that I can see on the Go Discover to be "fairly consistent" with those reported on but if you look on that website certainly in my local area, prices have not been updated for "some" service stations for over a week and as prices do fluctuate it may be that the service stations in your local area have not updated the prices to be up loaded to Tomtom??

    If I plan a journey to a destination of for example 10 miles or more miles away I can only see Fuel prices within 4 miles of my start location when it would be preferable to see the Fuel prices at the end of my journey especially on longer journeys when I would be more likely to fill up before the return journey and it would be good to be able to see the Fuel prices and plan my journey !

    Is that what you see i.e. only Fuel prices in a 4 miles radius?

    Plus I only see prices for approx 50% of all service stations but assume this is down to the rest not signing up to Tomtom.

    I have found a few oddities such as my local Shell Fuel station at Chiswell Green (551 Watford Rd, St Albans AL2 3EH) does not appear in the list of service stations when I try to add a stop to my journey, but strangely it does appear with prices if I do a specific search so wonder if there are any other service stations missing and how you would identify them ????

    On a semi-related note do you (or anybody else) see any Car Parking Capacity information?

    Currently I cannot see any Parking capacity information - I have been in contact with Tomtom's Customer Care Team since the 1 July 2021 and have yet to receive a satisfactory reply, they did ask me to do a factory reset after making an adjustment at their end and I did see for a few hours some capacity information but since then nothing.................

    The issue has been escalated to their Senior team / Developers and I was told they would be in contact......... B) but I am not holding my breath as they have incorrectly marked my query as "Solved" when it clearly has not been Solved!!)
  • d.pegg_un30d.pegg_un30 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks for the reply, I have not yet tried the parking capacity you mentioned, but if I have any issues I will pass them on.
    The fuel prices in a radius of 3 miles of where I live are correct, but when I drive further down the road the fuel prices are usually 10p to 15p a litre above what is advertised on the forecourt.
    I have had my go discover for two months now and the prices at the same garages I pass regularly are still not correct by a long way. I have been in touch with tom tom support twice about this and feel like I have totally wasted my time, they don't seem very interested or knowledgeable about this problem.
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 291 [Supreme Pioneer]
    I have had confirmation from Tomtom's CCT that the lack of Parking Capacity information is being investigated:

    "I have checked this issue with the technical team. Currently they are working to resolve this issue as early as possible. We do not have an estimate when the issue will be resolved. Once it is resolved you will receive an email informing the same."

    I would be interested to hear from any other Go Discover users to ascertain if they are able to see the Parking Capacity Information as it may be limited to certain areas?
  • STICKYBUNSSTICKYBUNS Posts: 38 [Master Explorer]
    edited August 20
    I purchased the new TomTom Go Discover 7’’ sat nav and my free 1 year subscription was activated successfully, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the go garage on 66 Rosetta Road the fuel was priced @ £1.10 per litre. I thought impossible? (RIGHT) Well I assumed me having a brand new TomTom Go Discover 7’’ the all dancing bang up to date sat nav would at the very least provide current and the latest information. So I drove up to this garage to avail of the £1.10 per litre, bargain while in reality the Go Garage is now a SOLO GARAGE and the actual price was £1.36 a litre. I don’t imagine having experienced first had the down right in your face plant of a total waste of time why would I ever trust TomTom petrol pump prices and anyway there are. A whole lot of garages where the sat nav shows the petrol garages but has the inability to show their current pricing. TomTom are you slacking or what, or are you fooling us loyal TomTom users who fork out hard cash to buy your sat nav I am totally disgusted at the lack of giving the correct information as you sing they crap out of how up to date these services are you expect us to pay £29.99 for a yearly subscription and yet it failed at the very first hurdle. What this tells me is your live services for petrol forecourt pricing is absolute rubbish and I for one will not be signing up to your live services once the one year subscription ends, as putting it bluntly it can not be trusted. I have updated my TomTom installed the latest maps for my location UK & Northern Ireland so the garage forecourt petrol pricing should be 100% correct and it was way off whack. What amazes me is the fact most of the petrol garages that show on the TomTom do not show current petrol pricing but maybe just as well as it is not accurate in the slightest. I am just glad I did not drive for miles to find this information out. Just to deviate no mobile police cameras show on my route which I know they occupy so will have to install on my cell phone a stand alone camera and mobile alert APP STA. which I know works 100% accurately. The TomTom is good for navigation and live traffic you have got that correct but to find the fuel pricing was different as to what is shown on the map was a total let down.

    So TomTom please explain yourselves I am all ears.
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