How to use same subscription on Android and iPhone?

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I recently bought a 12 month subscription with my tomtom-Account via Google Play Store. When I use my tomtom-Credentials in my iPhone I get the message, that there is no subscription stored in my TomTom-Account.
I am a little bit surprised, because I used my TomTom Subscription already before on both of my devices.
Has anyone an idea, how this can be solved. I do not want to buy two subscriptions.

Thanks, Marxx


  • fredaroony2
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    As I have recently discovered due to my subscription expiring, you need to pay twice now which is very frustrating.
  • DougLap
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    Subscriptions are now paid via Google and Apple and the two do not enable other systems subs.

  • Alioram
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    As part of a family subscription Apple no problem Apple Music. I have iPhone and my wife Android. She has apple music for free on her phone.
    So I do not believe there is a problem of two systems.
    Tomtom must be willing to share this :)
  • Willy875
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    Tomtom is no longer managing the subscriptions but Google for Android is Apple for ios so you have to see with them.
  • Alioram
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    I just wanted to write that this is not a problem of two systems.
    That there are applications that run on two systems under one subscription.
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    I cannot open my apple subscription TT go mobile in my android tablet???.....
  • eddydc
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    I have posted this before but one doesn't bother to clarify things. The standard answer is indeed that the respective store now control the subscriptions and thus must be paid twice.

    On the other hand, this answer indicates that it is still possible to buy a subscription independent from a specific store.

    Can one therefore conclude that it is possible to have a subscription for both Android as iOS and thus one doesn't need to pay twice? Some confirmation about this option would be nice.

    I hope that someone can finally can clear things out.