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With version 2.5 of the GO Navigation app for iOS we introduced the Family Plan to share your subscriptions with up to six family members. Here are some Q&As:
  • Set up Family Sharing (Apple support page)

  • What iOS version supports Family Sharing?
    Any iPhone or iPad with iOS14 or above supports Family Sharing plan.

  • What is the price for a family sharing subscription?
    Family sharing is £29.99 for 12 months.

  • How do I purchase a Family Sharing subscription from the free trial?
    In the last week of your free trial, you will be notified inside the app about the free trial expiry, and you will be offered several subscription options, including the 12-month Family Sharing plan.

  • How do I upgrade from individual subscription to Family sharing?
    You can upgrade anytime in the Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions on your iOS device, make sure the family sharing option (Settings > Apple ID > Family Sharing) is turned on.

  • After switching from the normal subscription to Family, I now must pay another 19 euros. Will you reimburse me for the difference between the old and new subscription?
    Upon upgrading, Apple will refund the remainder of your original subscription.

  • When we upgrade to Family Plan, what happens to our individual subscriptions with regards to different expiry dates?
    The family member that pays for the plan should be charged the annual fee minus the remainder of their original subscription. Other family members can join the Family Sharing plan when they wish but will not be reimbursed if their subscription expires in the future. The optimal plan is wait until all subscriptions expire. Another avenue would be to try to get a refund from Apple for other family members when they cancel.

  • After a family upgrade, will MyPlaces be available to all family members, or will everyone have to create their own Places?
    My Places access is based upon a TomTom account, so if you all share that account, then you will have access to the same My Places content.

  • I have subscribed to Family Sharing, but I have an iPhone and a family member has an Android device, how can they access the plan?
    Family Sharing is only available to our iOS customers. There is no possibility of cross platform plans.

  • How many iOS devices can get access to the Family Sharing plan?
    Up to six members will be able to use our App through the Family Sharing plan
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