Why do you only have some corporate logos displayed and not all large corporations?

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I was told by TomTom Support to post this and if all users find it helpful, then you could let TomTom and this may be the motivation for them to make this feature a reality. Thanks.

I have an old XL 350 device that I have recently updatedits software. It is perplexing to me that I can see some gas station logos (Shell, Chevron, Sinclair, 76, Texaco), some restaurants (McDonalds, Starbucks), one department store (Target), and one hotel (Best Western), but not the other large corporate chain's logo: Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hilton Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Motel 6, Sears, JC Penny, Macy's, Safeway, Albertsons, etc. And these are just ones in the US.

I could see TomTom's sales/marketing department approaching the big chains worldwide, and/or country specific, and generating additional revenue streams for your company by putting the actual logos of these large store chains on your products' displays. It would definitely make it easier for the user to see the actual upcoming logos/stores while in transit to then make a decision to visit one of these businesses. The alternative that I understand that exists now on my XL 350 would be to touch each TomTom generic icon to then read the name of the establishment and see its telephone number, clearly something that would be impossible to do while driving.

Also, as I asked before, is there a way that I could identify a store, Burger King, for example, and tell my 350 to show all Burger Kings along my travel route, even if the Burger King corporate logo is not displayed? Again, being able to identify specific restaurants (Burger King) or any types of stores using one of the icons within the 350 would be helpful. The only way that I know (and I am very ignorant on the detailed use of my 350) would be to identify each Burger King along my route and make it a special POI so that it would be displayed when I travel that route. This process would be very cumbersome and annoying. Since TomTom already has the name and telephone number for each business for which a generic TomTom logo is visible on its display, it would seem to me and easy task to just use the actual company's logo on the screen. Or, if I could somehow set my 350 to show a special TomTom generic logo (colored red dot, for example, which is in the icon section of my 350) assigned to all Burger Kings, that would be very helpful/useful. I would believe that all TomTom users would like for their products to display the real corporate logos, and at a minimums, be able to easily/simply set a TomTom logo for specific businesses that would then appear when encountered along any travel route.