hi! I have the go 6100 and would like to use for my motorhome and avoid narrow roads, can I do this? — TomTom Community

hi! I have the go 6100 and would like to use for my motorhome and avoid narrow roads, can I do this?

Thankyou guys, I don't want to lose any saved places either?...


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    You will need to buy a camper specific map, for Europe it cost just shy of 90GBP from here https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sat-nav/maps-services/shop/travel-map/europe-camper
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    Hi @spongeygit

    Tomtom sell the Go Camper unit specially for Motorhome units and Caravans and if you add it to the same account as the Go6100 then your current My Places etc will be synced to it.

    Tomtom will advise you that they do not support changing a Go 6109 to a Truck or Camper device.

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    Ok, I don’t mind buying a different map but don’t fancy forking out for a camper an specific unit, not when mine is still quite new... it is the cost at the moment... anyone else have an opinion? It looks like I have two different answers, .. thanks so much for replying, I am still not sure what I can do though... can I ask tom tom themselves?? If so how do I do it? Thanks again!!
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    I have the 6200, and have just bought a small caravan, and like you, don't want to use narrow lanes (Even with just only a CAR)
    The only way I found, was to Plan each route. With a caravan, it's easier because I drive/ leave on campsite.
    Everyone has been hoping for ages that TT would introduce Avoid Narrow Lanes, but I think they are too worried that they would loose Camper unit sales......
  • spongeygitspongeygit Posts: 7 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Yes I can see that but I believe their units need to be more flexible... google maps is good and for the sake of two or three times a year, I would manage with that, rather than buy a complete new tom tom that sits in my camper all year... I would gladly buy an add on but not buying a new unit, my 6100 is in as new condition... I will therefore stick to google, thanks guys for all your help!
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