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with the. GO DISCOVER 7, when it will be possible( no virus), to go to Switzerland,in my case,for short trips..i will renounce to turn: on, my discover ..!

talking with Vodafone.: SMART PASSPORT €3 a day!! for 500 MB data traffic.

they say that,4..5 hours there ,abroad,are enough to use all the 500mb!! and more..
is it possible to navigate offline with my discover? otherwise..what to do?
big issue.



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    Hi @macman_2021

    The GO Discovery units are preloaded with the map and you can add/delete maps that may or may not require via Wifi before any trip. As a result data required by the unit for map reasons whilst being used.

    The purpose of connecting your phone to the unit is to receive Traffic and Camera data. This is similar to the older TT devices that do not have an inbuilt mobile sim where Tomtom have indicated that if you were to use your mobile phone to connect to the TT servers for Traffic data then in the basis of 1 hours connection everyday for a month would use approx 7 mb of data in total.

    The Go Discovery units will, when not connected to your phone, direct you as normal however you will not be advised of any Traffic issues and therefore any quicker routes around the issues. You will also be able to search for addresses and POI’s included in the map data.

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    Hi Doug,

    i had a premium x with the Sim included,good old times..i would say,now..i am confused.
    2 possibilities:
    i know..7mb a for a short go..of 1 hour,..for Switzerland,..extra UE..with
    with no data connection:
    will i use tha maps go from A to b'?like normallyin my country?
    with the exception of:... no traffic info..and that's all?

    with data connection opened..with sim Vodafone..i pay somth more,than my usual expense,of every month'..but..7mb in..a whole month..would suggest..of a very small extra expense!

    they are not so..agree with this affirmation.
    can you be..please even more..clear about
    the use of the DISCOVER..with and,..without a data connection?
    excuse but i was thinking to maps..offline or similar nav app,like sygic,when abroad.

    thanks for your time.
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    Hi @macman_2021

    As you are listing the Discovery unit in your profile then try it where you are. Go out of range of your Wifi and then turn the unit on and search for your required destination. You should be able to create a route, including waypoints if you want them, then you can follow the directions. You will not get Traffic information and some cameras will be missing but it will work as normal otherwise. You will not be able to send destinations from your PC or Phone because it is not logged into your MyDrive account.

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    thanks really for your time.

    i have talked with Apple and they have confirmed me, that it is enough to put: OFF, the Hot spot button on the iphone, to stop data traffic,to avoid..the roaming.
    I will have active the bluetooth, so i will have Applecarplay and music in the car and i will use my,GO DISCOVER , just for navigation,with no info traffic.
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    Hi @macman_2021

    For your own peace of mind go out of range of your Wifi and with Personal Hotspot turned On turn your GO Discovery On and then when it has connected to your Bluetooth and is showing Connected in Bluetooth in Settings deselect the Personal Hotspot option on you phone. It won't happen immediately but you should eventually see the No Traffic Icon, the 2 cars with a cross, appear in the GO Discovery Route bar and although in Bluetooth it will say Connected but will keep displaying that Unable to Connect Bluetooth tethering. If you Deselect Personal Settings Hotspot before you turn the GO Discovery On then you will not see the unit as Connected in Bluetooth and you will get the Unable to Connect Bluetooth Tethering and you should see the No Traffic Icon.

    Whilst doing the above you can check that your other Bluetoothed items are connecting ie Apple Watch or Cars Handsfree.

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    We also have this article regarding data roaming for Traffic:

    And then there is this article on Wikipedia regarding the European Union roaming regulations for most European countries other than Switzerland and the UK:
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