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Map error is not fixed even after reporting the issue twice

AgniAgni Posts: 4 [New Seeker]

One of the road near my place is under construction but Tomtom map displays the road as functional. I have raised this in the mapshare and after few days the status was updated to fixed. Still the navigation is using the same road. What action can I take further to correct the error


  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,881
    Please post the mapshare references so that a moderator @VikramK or @lampard can chase them up and report back when they will be implemented
  • AgniAgni Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Thanks @Niall, really appreciate your help.
    The mapshare reference is mentioned below:
  • John-JayJohn-Jay Posts: 706 [Revered Pioneer]
    Hi, @Agni ,

    You don't mention which TomTom Device (or App) you are referring to? However, for some devices, it can take TomTom SIX Months (after stating it has been Fixed) for it to be published!
  • AgniAgni Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Thanks @John-Jay . I'm using Tomtom Go 510.
    I was under the impression that once the issue is resolved that will reflect at least here immediately.
  • boljakboljak Posts: 16 [Legendary Explorer]
    same with me too. says it's fixed but my go 600 still have to go around because it thinks there's no left turn. before, you can do a map correction only on your device and the change is immediate.
  • AgniAgni Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    Thanks @boljak at least the mydrive navigation should be updated immediately, that will give the confidence.
    It's hard to imaging a navigation company takes 6months to push updates. In 6 months the whole world can change.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,624 Moderator
    Hi @Agni
    This change you have requested has been sent to our automated mechanism that monitors the GPS traces.
    We cannot remove the route from the map and so the system will consider this report as a temporary closure.

    Because the road is internal and has low priority so it might take a little longer for the change to reflect depending on the GPS traces collected by our systems.


    When was the correction reported?
    As @John-Jay mentioned above it could take 6-9 months for the change to show up in our quarterly map updates.

    Thank you, Vikram
  • mapfanaticmapfanatic Posts: 1,953 [Revered Pioneer]
    Hello @VikramK ,
    the map error is unimportant but embarrassing. what went wrong here?


  • mapfanaticmapfanatic Posts: 1,953 [Revered Pioneer]
    sorry, @VikramK , I´ll continue.


  • mapfanaticmapfanatic Posts: 1,953 [Revered Pioneer]
    edited May 6


    sorry, forget it the current routing

  • mapfanaticmapfanatic Posts: 1,953 [Revered Pioneer]
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