Do you like the way the 620 OV2 file data is displayed?

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I was trying to get my Favourites sorted into alphabetical sequence but nothing I did would change the current display --- distance from my location.

I chatted with support and they informed me that due to Customer requests they changed the sort process. Well I find this most disturbing in that no information was provided to potential buyers about process changes.

I can see that they want to satisfy the masses or at least the design teams. I for one would like to have the option of at least 2 display formats, distance and alphabetical at minimum. If you agree with me on this issue, let the design team know. They MAY make changes iF enough requests are sent.

I have a second new change issue. My old 1005 used to power off when the power was disconnected. I notice that the default for the 620 is SLEEP. I know that I can turn the power off with the button but it is a stretch to reach it every time I turn the vehicle off. I would like to have the option to have the unit shut down when the power is removed.

It seem that some small things really bother me when they take away what was and replace it with unchangeable features.

I am sure that I will stumble into other issues -- like activating the phone every time I want to use it. Still working on
understanding this process and trying to understand what exactly the phone is telling me when it indicates no network connection. What type of connection? Why does it need this connection? I do not have a data plan for my phone. Never had a need for it before with the 1005. My phone seems to work just fine in my wife's Honda CR-V as it is.

Well, thanks for reading and posting. Were you ever asked about the new changes being made?

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    nothing changed
    always listed in the order these were added
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    When the NAV4 GO Range was launched there were no options available to install 3rd party or personal POI Categories....
    The NavKit/NavCore update Version: 17.1 released date: 25-Apr-2017
    Allowed... Show Custom POIs
    Personalize your Sat Nav by installing your own set of Points of Interest, and visualizing them on your TomTom device.
    There have been several in-depth discussions and many individual posts on the forum requesting changes/improvements to the Custom POI... But the Personalizing of your own sets of Points of Interest remains unchanged from the NavKit/NavCore released date: 25-Apr-2017

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    Riderrider. The POIs from the 1005 were listed alphabetically. I have no idea re: the sequence they were added in. I was very comfortable with the display. Distance from my location has
    no meaning for me. It just generates more searching for me and another distraction as I look for the entry I want.

    Thanks for the reply.