GoLive 825 is turning on/off etc.

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Hello again,
I have recently updated my device and currently I am facing the following issue. After you turn it on, it seeks for GPS signal and if you want to chose a destinaton then the screen is blocked in your last step and turns off (blank screen) and after few secs it turns back on itself and so on ...
Have you ever had a similar issue?
What would be the best solution to tackle this problem?
Some time ago I replaced sd card it is 16gb now. Would that be the reason to cause this behaviour? As far as I remember there was not much problem with the device after I inserted the new sd card.
Please help.
Thank you.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @MarMrow
    Could you try performing a recovery mode without the memory card inserted in the device?

    See steps in the video below-

    Regards, Vikram
  • sickoftomtomvia53
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    iam having the same problem since i did the update,ive paid £120 to go round in circles for 3 days,when they phone me all i get is sorry there is a problem with the server.
    listen to me tomtom just send me the previous update to this one then it will be the same as restoring my device to a previous time and date
  • DougLap
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    Hi @sickoftomtomvia53

    Sorry to say this but based on the fact you are saying that Tomtom are phoning you I am afraid you may be in contact with a Scam Tomtom site as Tomtom have had No Phone Customer Support since the start of the current crisis. They only have email or Chat as the means of connecting to Customer Support.

    What Via 53 do you have, is it the Wifi version that means you don't need a PC to update it.

    What update were you trying to install.

  • MarMrow
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    Hello @VikramK,

    I have just followed and completed the instruction from the link.
    I will test it tomorrow on my way home.
    Previously the problem was occuring when driving car. The test will be done tomorrow and will let you know if this works.
    In general, it looks promising. GPS responds to device and vice versa and as I can remember it was misbehaving on similar steps (not displaying the same information and continuously searching for a signal).

    Thank you.