Riding speed on full screen

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Hi everybody. I'm using my Tomtom rider on my motorcycle primeraly a my speedometer.
On at least half on my rides I don't need the map. In those cases I would like to have the riding speed full screen on my display with the maximum speed underneath. (Ok, ok, a notification for apoaching a speedcamera would be fantastic)
Could you please make this feature available?
I know you will make al lot of users very happy with that.


  • AitchF
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    I have my satnav hard wired in my car and use it daily even though I don't need the map.
    I find it useful for the Current Speed vs Speed Limit but could you make it an Optional Setting to have this as a Full Screen, with no map.
    Also, do you think it would be a good idea to have an option for Approaching Speed Limit warning, such as going into a 30mph zone from a 40mph.
    Hope you can do a full screen option as it be really useful.
  • Qnork
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    I'm struggeling with the same. I Think I will restart the question again.