Go supreme: contacts not showing

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I just purchased a go supreme, and I have installed the TomTom app and given all of the permissions... But my contacts from my phone are not showing up on my go supreme?

I would like to figure out how to use the go supreme to place a call... But I don't know how I'm going to do that if I can't view my contacts?

Currently it says that I have done no calls and that I have no frequent calls... Because of course I've never placed a call through my TomTom before... But if I can't see my contacts then I don't know how I would do it either?

I'm making an assumption here that because my go supreme is connected to the TomTom app on my phone... Which has been updating it and everything perfectly fine... And that I've given all the permissions... That it will simply somehow populate my contacts into the go supreme? If there's something that I must do to make that happen could somebody please tell me? I've read through the manual and I didn't see anything about it.


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    do factory reset then pair it again
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    To be clear, are you suggesting a factory reset on the brand new TomTom go supreme? Cuz I'm not factory resetting my phone. Lol. If you're speaking about resetting the GPS, is that something simple?