How can I change colors for my traject.

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Is there any way to change the color of the route to be followed?
I have Daltonism, a slight defect in color perception.
The difference between the light blue of the route and the grey of the other section isn't big enough for me.
Especially when the sun is refelecting or when it's darker.
I would appreciate a possibility to choose from a palette.
Any chance on happening?


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    Hello Click on map and display settings select theme color
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    Willy875 wrote: »
    Hello Click on map and display settings select theme color

    Doesn't work for me. All I can see in the Go App is under Menu - Settings - Appearance. But that only changes between day / night colours.

    Could try iPhone - Settings - Accessibility - Display & Text Size and then try one of the invert options or colour filters.

    Example with colour filters option selected. Green /Red filter ticked and then intensity slider on full gives a very pleasant bright green track line in the Go App. I'm on iOS 14.4.2

    Hope that helps.