Lifetime subscription expired....

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could you please explain how can a lifetime subscription expired?
I purchased Tomtom mobile app back in 2015 and paid around 45 euros at that time and it was for lifetime but now with new tomtom go i don´t see any subscription included. I used to see that it will expire in 2021. But how can you revoke a lifetime subscription?


  • lampard
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    Hi there @Cheema

    Welcome to the Community! We removed the old TomTom Navigation from the AppStore. The first generation app you’re referring to, we are no longer able to support and no longer offer updates. It was replaced by GO Mobile App and now it's in the 3rd generation, i.e. Go Navigation App.

    If you wish to use the new Go Navigation App, please get in touch with our support and see if they can help you with this one. You can either start a live chat or send them an email.

    Regards, lampard
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