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I have added 4 Mobile Camera Location in North Wales - I live here so I know!
But they have not been accepted - why?
Also I notice on the map share a particular Car Park that is classed as a public car park but it is not as it is a Council Building Private Car park - and even this has not been accepted.
Who is the brains behind this when I know as I live and drive round here?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @DJSheridan
    MapShare reporter cannot be used for reporting mobile speed cameras.
    It's a part of a real-time service just like TomTom Traffic so these are better reported on the device.

    In most cases, a single report will be enough to trigger a shared mobile camera alert for 2 hours. If within these 2 hours a second report is made, the original report is extended for 1 more hour.
    If a third report or more are sent within these 3 hours, the total remaining time the camera is shared for will increase in smaller amounts with a maximum additional time of 3 hours.

    About the car parking report could you share the report id, please? I will ask my team to review that one.

    Thanks, Vikram
  • DJSheridan
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    Hi @VikramK
    Seems strange that you can't use the MapShare as whilst driving it is a little dangerous wouldn't you say?
    Also one would think the MapShare would allow as this is the most safer (and most easiest way without getting pulled by the police and given an NIP, on-the-spot fine, etc.)?

    Just saying :)

    Report ID: 76e76243-b997-434a-a2cb-7e6ccb50615f
    As attached Google Map
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    Since latest update a75 Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway for somme reason restricted. Use that road every day and is never been restricted same on a9 Road dual carriage way parts anyone any idea why ? 16xtxvsp6pvs.jpg