What's The Most Up To Date Software for My Device and Where Can I Download It From?

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Hi. I have been given a GO 550 Live and the current map update is from 2009 [835.2419]. I believe that this device cannot now be updated with current maps but I'm working on the basis that I can update the maps to a version which is newer than my existing version. Has anyone else managed to optimise their device in this way and, if so, where were you able to download it from? Any help hugely appreciated. Thanks. Steve.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Specky

    I assume the unit has a serial number that starts with W3 if so the unit was declared obsolete by Tomtom about 2 years ago. This means that they no longer support the unit with Operating System updates and you are not able to subscribe for Traffic or Camera updates. Regarding maps if the unit was originally sold with lifetime updates then it could be possible that updates should still available but as it has such an old map on it I assume that as it has not been updated since then Lifetime updates were not available. In the the absence of Lifetime mp updates then there is no chance of getting a more recent map as you cannot now purchase maps for it..

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    Hi Doug. Thanks for your reply. In terms of serial - Yes, that's it. OK. Looks as if it's off to the recycling centre! Such a shame. Steve.