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I lived in the UK for any years but have now returned to Australia. However, I don't seem to be able to change the country on my account - nor can I amend all my favourites in MyPlaces. Please help.


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    Hi @SusiDuToit58
    Welcome to the forums.

    Which model do you have?
    Do you usually connect via USB to your computer then to My Drive Connect?
    Or do you have a Wi-fi model (although you can still connect via USB)?

    Depending upon your subscription (did you purchase a model that offered free life time updates, etc.?) then you might need to purchase the Australia map.

    If free updates then if you log into your Tom Tom account then connect your unit then go into your device on your account > updates > then scroll down tot he Maps section this will tell you which maps you have installed (and where - internal or SD Card drive) then as long as the map is available you can install Australia and remove UK.

    Regarding your My Places once you log into your account you can then remove all My Places for the UK and then add new ones for Australia.

    You do need to log into your account though. Plus you do not need to connect the unit to update and amend My Places - you can do that by just logging into your account as once you switch your unit on it will sync up your listings as long as you are logged into your account on your device too.

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    Hi @SusiDuToit58

    If you are logged into MyDrive on the GO6200 and Edit the list of MyPlaces on the unit or delete them in MyDrive then that should remove any you don’t want.

    Also you could try contacting Customer Support to see if they will restore Traffic now you are in Australia and it had been providing it in Europe as you have moved back there. They could also change your country details.