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Known issues AmiGO Android

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What Car/Head Unit support Android Auto?

Android Auto wireless connectivity
According to the Google Android Auto support page, Android Auto works using USB or 5GH wifi. Bluetooth is not supported.

No manual map zoom
Third party navigation apps for Android Auto are not allowed to have UI elements to interact with the map, such as, pan and zoom.

White circle instead of speed limit
This is caused by dark mode behavior on RedMi devices. While we are looking for a better solution, you can go to Settings → More Dark Mode Options → Turn off dark mode for AmiGO.

GPS lost after a few minutes of using Android Auto
For XiaoMi and RedMi devices, make sure that battery saving is turned off for AmiGO.

AmiGO not found on head unit
Make sure that the Android Auto app version is 6.1 or higher. The Android Auto app doesn't consistently recognise newly installed apps.
It might help if you restart the phone after installing or updating AmiGO and reconnect to the head unit. Some users have seen the app get listed after waiting for 24 hours.

Blank map all the time
Check if you have AdGuard, Blokada or any other adblocker installed. Go to the settings in the Ad blocking app and remove AmiGO. AmiGO does not advertise to you. However, some adblockers block essential services that we need to make the app work.

Blank map when the App is started from head unit.
On RedMi or XiaoMi devices, check the following setting:
  • Make sure app auto start is allowed. e.g. XiaoMi - Open Security app > Permissions > Auto-start. Enable "Autostart" for AmiGO.
  • Check the "Show on Lock Screen" Permission is enabled. Apps > Permissions > Other Permissions > AmiGO > Show on Lock screen.

No voice on Android Auto
In the app on your phone, go to Settings and make sure that "Always use device speaker" is switched off.

I cannot see the whole route while driving
Toggle to the 2D(North up) setting to see the whole route. You should be able to preview the whole route looking like this:

No switch for 2D-3D / stopping route / mute
Touch the screen once to bring up the menu on the top right of the screen.

3D building clustering the route or map
You can turn off 3D buildings in the app settings.

How to avoid route types during route planning
Plan a route > Alternatives > Settings menu > Change settings > Go back. The route automatically re-plans with the selected avoid options.

App does not work in Android Auto or on the Widget/Overlay mode
  • Xiaomi Devices
    Ensure that your phone is not on Battery Saving Mode. If you are facing any issues with the working of the app, ensure that the app is not on Battery Saving mode.
    1. Long press Amigo App Icon
    2. Click App Info -> Scroll to Battery Saver
    3. Choose No Restriction Does this not solve the issue? Then click here.
  • Samsung Devices
    Ensure that your phone is not on Battery Saving Mode or Data Saving Mode! For more info, click here.
  • Huawei Devices
    Ensure that your phone is not on Battery Saving Mode! For more info, click here.

App does not Autostart with Bluetooth
  • Xiaomi Devices
    XiaoMi - Open Security app > Permissions > Auto-start. Enable "Autostart" for AmiGO.
  • Huawei Devices
    Huawei - Phone settings > Battery > App launch and then set your app to “Manage manually” and make sure everything is turned on.

I do not hear any voice, just beeps!
In AmiGO, go to Menu > Settings > Voice and ensure that you have set the right “Text-to-Speech” setting.
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