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I have a Golfer 1but can't find a mobile app on Google Play for it.....assume I need TT Golfer app. Is it still available to download from anywhere as TT Sports doesn't work. Any suggestions please ?


  • tfarabaugh
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    The Golfer app is discontinued. All Golfer functionalities have been introduced in the TomTom Sports app so please download and install that one. The previous Golfer app is no longer supported
  • Ivor_May
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    Thanks but I don't see any golf options on the TT Sports I missing something obvious or downloading incorrect app ? Presume the correct one is available on Play Store for Android.

    I'd appreciate your help please
  • IvoSlabbers
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    I want to use the TT Sports app on my iPhone, now Golfer is not supported anymore. But when I start the Sports app I get the popup to migrate my Golfer data to the Sports app.

    Next thing is that Golfer doesn't start up anymore - saying 'the developer needs to update the app to work with this iOS version (14.6)'.

    That is what I would call a Catch 22 :-(

    How should I resolve this?