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GPRS disconnecting after 15 mins


I have a GO 6200 which I have not used much in the past year (Covid and all, working from home), but I used it last week around Belgium. My device connects to the gprs network (and traffic info) after it comes out of standby, but after ten to twenty minutes the gprs connection is lost. No matter where I am, so it is not related to the network. I upgraded to the latest firmware right before last week, but since I used it so little before that, I don't know if the problem is related to the update.
When the connection is lost, a soft reset does not solve it. Only when I take my device out of its cradle so that it goes into standby for a while and then put it back in, the connection to the gprs network is restored (for 10-20 minutes...)

I already did the factory reset, followed by a soft reset, but no luck.

I had connection issues before and the solution was always "second level support" changing my sim profile, so if that is the case again I am wondering how to get in touch with TomTom support directly. Or is this now the only way to get support, next to the unhelpful chatbot?

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    I know, but for some reason this automatically redirects me to the discussions forum...
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    rondeblok wrote: »
    ......but for some reason this automatically redirects me to the discussions forum...

    Please try: Scroll up to this Page and make a rightclick on "Support" to open it in a New Private Window / Incognito Mode.

    Then follow the instructions that YamFaz man gave here:

    Note: Sometimes cookies or addons can confuse the Sides. So i hope with rightclick and private Mode the support side should work.

    crossing my fingers
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    Hi Lochfrass,

    That's it yes. Looks like uBlock Origin doesn't like Tomtom. Private Windows works fine. Thanks for the help.

    Kind regards,
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    Many Thanks for feedback :3

    A little Tip on top:
    If your device is out of warranty and support can't fix it, removing the sim from the device and reinserting it has helped in many cases.
    The 6" devices seem to be particularly susceptible where the sim does not seem to sit tight enough in the slot.
    I have also done this 2 times with my Premium and now put a piece of paper behind the Sim, so that it is better pressed on the contacts.
    The Sim is at the bottom center under the device, just below the sticker with the serial number.
    It does not have an eject mechanism, but can be removed with a knife.
    Please only do this if the warranty has expired and support can't fix it.

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    The fact that it does connect consistently after waking up, makes me think it's more of a software than a hardware issue. But we'll see, I created a ticket now.
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