Pack talk and TT 550 with phone connected ...Random use of phone call feature in TT ??

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Hi Can anyone explain how to set up at TT 550 with a scala Packtalk bold and android Phone ...I have connected TT to pack talk and my phone to channel A on pack talk. All works individual is as it should, I get calls into headset and TT instructions, I have also connected my phone to TT for my drive and traffic updates etc... My problem is the TT should take the calls/messages when phone connected to it, this is shown as a phone symbol on TT screen bottom right, and it works fine now and then, so I can see who's calling etc, When TT not powered on the call goes direct to head set as is the norm, My problem is when I have the TT 550 powered on calls should automatically go through TT, My Phone is connected to TT and signals are good and on in my drive, but the phone symbol in screen to show caller id will be displayed etc is not on it maydo sometime but often not is the problem, Its a useful feature but very frustrating as its not 100% ...can anyone help am I missing something here ?????