Go Camper on Toll Roads

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Our Go Camper was bought from you directly on 5/3/2019 to replace our previous TomTom.
It worked ok at first but then developed this significant fault.

We can plan a route using European Toll Motorways but when we start to drive on them the Sat Nav constantly tells us to turn off a then next junction and use normal roads.

This has occurred on several Toll Road Motorways routes across France and Spain. It also occurred on a Motorway in Luxembourg which whilst not a Toll Road was on the approach to a French Toll road.

I have checked, and checked again that the “Avoid Toll Roads” and “Avoid motorways” is Off

The fault was first reported on 6/01/2020, reference 345311 when I was told to do a factory reset followed by a Full Recovery if that did not work.

I did both but was not able to test it because we have not been able to drive abroad since then.

However, recently I planned a route and drove into London. The route took us directly to Central London but when we approached the outer area of the London Congestion Charge Area, which is a Toll Road area, the Sat Nav again told us to turn away, keeping out of the Toll controlled area.

This was re reported on the 8/4/2021, reference number 119194, mentioning that the fault had occurred before and received the same advice.

I do not think doing another reset or recovery will help. I cannot believe that all your Sat Nav’s in Europe are refusing to use Toll Roads but do not see how a hardware fault on this device can cause such a specific fault.

When allowed hopefully soon, we will travel a lot in Europe again, as well as going into parts of Central London so this is becoming a problem for us.

I have been a TomTom user for a long time and so far have been happy with them, but this fault is making the Sat Nav unusable for us. Please can you help