Maps have very little color detail

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My Canada map for the Rider 550 has very little color except around a town or city and green for the odd park .My route bar is just black and white . The screen generally is white with lines for roads. Very boring and nothing like the images of the screen I see on this site and youtube reviews. Display settings do not help either
I downloaded a map of the U.K thinking it may be just the Canadian map but it was the same. I've looked everywhere and can't find anyone who has the same problem.
Hopefully I can find an answer here.


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    Welcome to the site....
    In my Car I have my various Tomtom devices dashboard mounted....
    I find there's an improvement in contrast if the top of the device is angled away from me by about 10 degrees.....

    Also have you seen the Tinted Screen Protector Pack ???
    But the Rider 4xx & 5xx Devices are not listed as compatible ???
    Quite a lot of 3rd party Tinted Screen Protectors on offer if you Google....
    "Tomtom rider 550 screen protectors"

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Thanks @YamFazMan for the quick reply. Unfortunately adjusting the screen angle for contrast doesn't help. There is the display modes of high contrast and normal but there is very little difference . It's a good idea to look into the screen protector for the sake of protection .