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AmiGO 8.0.0 with Android Auto support

JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,406
Community Manager
We have started rolling out AmiGO 8.0.0 to a small number of end-users introducing support for Android Auto.

Update: We have now rolled out 8.0.0 to all end-users.


  • lluiscnlluiscn Posts: 35 [Legendary Explorer]
    Perfect, I've already received the update. I try it as soon as I can.
  • Joe-GabeJoe-Gabe Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    edited April 8
    Multiple issues with 8.1.0:
    - Maps would not load after updating from 8.0. Had to uninstall and reinstall.
    - Worked as expected for the rest of the evening. However, the next day the app would not recognize current GPS location and therefore would not begin a trip. The app just hangs..
    - Shutting down the app and starting again does nothing. Rebooted phone and still unable to start a trip
    - Uninstalling and reinstalling resets the GPS
  • KarmannKarmann Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    Strange, I did get Engine 8.0 yesterday with a blue icon and within the same day I get a new updated version 8.1 with a red icon.
    So far amiGO appears/opens on the AA unit, but I give this new engine a ride in the coming weekend and post my conclusion.
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 97 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Is it possible to add the function to save your favorites and 🏡 in an account or sync with mydrive like in the go app? Because now if you have to reinstall the app you're always loose your 🏡 and favorites. Thank you in advance.
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 97 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Everything is working great in production except this:
    When you use an audio player from AA, amigo don't use the 🔊 level of my GPS car volume but the audio volume. When I listen to fm radio or USB then it use my separate GPS car volume.
    You can not use Google assistant in AA. When I tap the icon and ask something, Google maps open and amigo goes to the background.
  • lluiscnlluiscn Posts: 35 [Legendary Explorer]
    Android Auto: The full list of favorite places still doesn't come out, only the first ones come out of the list.
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 97 [Supreme Trailblazer]

    I see lane guidance in the photos by this article. Is this avaible yet? I don't see it for now? Or is it a fake publicity stunt? Or is it yet to come?
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,227
    Hi @rabero1985

    I don't see lane guidance in the photos. That looks like normal display when a Motorway or major road is involved particularly if there are barriers down the middle..

  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,406
    Community Manager
    That looks like simple lane guidance to me on the Android Auto screenshot. The team has that on the road map but I don't know where they are with that.
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 97 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Yes I mean that simple LG. That's good enough for me to have an indication where you have to go. I'm glad to hear that it's on the roadmap I hope it will be introduced soon.
    Do you know if there are plans for an account to store favorites or sync favorites with mydrive? Now there lost if you have a reinstall.
  • Joe-GabeJoe-Gabe Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    edited April 9
    Lane guidance is working for me.

    Night mode is not displaying on the head unit in my car (Ford Sync 3). On the phone it displays night mode in both automatic and night settings but the car display stays in day mode.
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 97 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Today I had 3 drives. 2 of them when I arrived my destination the screen goes black with the message : amigo is not responding. Wait or close option button. Only close helps and I start again amigo in AA menu and everything works again. It would be handy I think if you're @ your destination the route automatically close. Now it seems you have to tap manually on ✖.
  • MUPMUP Posts: 248 [Exalted Navigator]
    edited April 9
    Got this version today 8.0.1 (8983) presented by a blue icon at the head unit.

    The night mode was set by me in the app permanently.
    It will be displayed in the head unit of my VOLVO V60/2TE (2020) only by starting the launcher a second time.

    GPS data for current location will be recognized with no delay after the app 's right is changed to "every time" instead "in case of use".
  • CrepusculousCrepusculous Posts: 1 [Novice Seeker]
    How do we submit map edits? I've just installed to play with AA but local hospital info is several years out of date. In fact, the hospital I work at isn't even listed & it's our main Covid vaccination centre!
  • ThilekThilek Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    For those having issue with Map freezes, chevron turned grey, or no position after a minute in Xiaomi and RedMi phones when using AmiGO on Android Auto, try this changes .

    Long press Amigo App Icon -> click App Info -> Scroll to Battery Saver -> Choose No Restriction

    That apprently solves the issue.
  • scalpel4hirescalpel4hire Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi all.

    New to TomTom AmiGo, installed 8.0.1.

    Trying it mainly because Google Maps doesn’t have speed + speed limit display on Android Auto, here in Australia, and AmiGo does. (Yes, Waze also has it, but I don’t like Waze interface - too cartoon-like.)

    So far AmiGo looks like it might be useful, but I can’t get any ‘pinch to zoom’ function (nor any zoom, for that matter). This is a deal-breaker for me, as how else does one ‘see’ ahead, on a planned route? (I have Skoda Kodiaq MY 2021, BTW)

  • KarmannKarmann Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    edited April 12
    Made a long drive, without any real difficulties in navigating (sorry for the annoying TT voice).

    AA unit screen freezed only once, when changing manualy to Spotify and back on the unit itself during navigation.
    I could not check if the AmiGO app was navigating and workable on the phone screen, the AA unit was frozen and also the app on the phone was inaccessible.
    I don't think the AmiGO app was the reason for the error, perhaps it came from the Spotify app who was starting in the middle of a navigation task and the AA unit could not handle the task..

    Restarting the whole AA unit and entering a route on AmiGO, trying to freese the AA screen again by changing to Spotify and back to AmiGO, I couldn't reproduce the error again.

    Navigation: I live in the middle of a road that is currently under construction work and marked as so on the map. AmiGO and also TomTom Go had difficulties to navigate to my excact home setting in that road. They both tryed to enter the street from the North side and when that did not work back to the South resulting in a funny loop around my house adress.

    So far the new beta AmiGO 8.1 app did a very good navigation job in speed warnings, cams, etc..
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 97 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    edited April 17
    Since latest update i notice that it took much longer to load amigo in AA and less stable for me. Before i could tab on one of the symbols in the right corner to start navigate or go to favourites when the map was loaded on the screen in AA; now i have to tap 3-4 times sometimes before it react, suddenly it seems like the app is to heavy for my phone, everything is reacting slow now. Or it seems to wait on gps signal before you can tap on something, don't know what it is but isn't that fast anymore....
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 97 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Another thing I always forgot to mention;
    i'm also testing go navigation beta for AA, when i run amigo in AA after the go navigation, i don't get the spoken alerts(speedcams etc) anymore but just the sound beep of the go navigation app. I have to clear cache, delete files and then delete AA & go navigation app before amigo works again in AA with spoken alerts.
    Both apps are disturbing eachother it seems when both installed and used in AA.
  • rabero1985rabero1985 Posts: 97 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Is it possible to show the delay from traffic in AA also when navigating? In the app it is show in red next to the arrival time when you navigate.
  • LorsonLorson Posts: 0 [Novice Seeker]
    I find the command bar at the top right of Amigo andoid auto intrusive. Steal space from the map view
  • CalaveraCalavera Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    I'm running AmiGO beta on Android, where can I notify issues and suggestions?

    The main issue now is that I cannot set the volume when connected by Android Auto to Renault Clio display.

    The voice is too verbose, should be nice to have a less verbose voice removing distances from messages.

  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,406
    Community Manager
    Calavera wrote: »
    I'm running AmiGO beta on Android, where can I notify issues and suggestions?

    The main issue now is that I cannot set the volume when connected by Android Auto to Renault Clio display.

    The voice is too verbose, should be nice to have a less verbose voice removing distances from messages.

    You can give your feedback in Google Play from where it goes to a testing queue which we monitor. Please add your phone model, Android version and the year of make of Renault Clio. Thanks!
  • PrazakPrazak Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    edited April 30
    I have a issue with hidden panel on display >8''falh5h907xqg.jpg

    Few updates ago worked fine
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