I live in the UK If I order a sat nav from TomTom will I be asked to pay import duty before delivery

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I live in the UK. If I order a sat nav from TomTom will I be asked to pay import duty before the item can be delivered to me?

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  • VikramK
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    Hi @nikwhiting2_un39
    Welcome to the community! If you order the product directly on our UK webshop all charges will be inclusive.

    Regards, Vikram
  • dave798
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    That is not true I live in the uk and ordered from UK website and just received a £67 bill from ups
  • latham18
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    I have been trying to buy a Discover from Tomtom and have given up. Tomtom has no staff just Bots. I was told that, due to Covid, there were no human telephone operators. What a con. I finally ordered a Discover and UPS wanted £47.72 on the doorstep. Netherlands tax. Brexit?
    This made the online Tomtom more expensive than buying from Halfords.
    Don't waste your time with Tomtom, Garmin will provide an easier purchase at a lower price and they include lifetime speed cameras unlike sneaky Tomtom.
    This would have been my fourth Tomtom purchase and I did regard myself as a loyal customer over many years.
  • lampard
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    Hi @latham18

    Thank you for flagging this! This looks like an error from our side, Import costs will always be paid by TomTom and should be billed to our UPS account. Please get in touch with our support via Chat/Email and they can help you further to refund the amount you paid.

    Best, lampard
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    Late to the chat but I've just ordered a new TOMTOM and now have a bill from UPS! Trying to contact UPS is a waste of time, person I spoke to after 35 minutes on hold said TOMTOM had to pay it. I'm currently dealing with TOMTOM support, yes they are there trust me. UPS bill arrives 8 days after issuance saying late payments after 7 days! The delivery driver from UPS rang the bell and must have ran back to their van leaving the item on the doorstep! Not impressed by UPS at all.
    Concerned that UPS will try and recover costs and cause issues!