New EE sim fitted to phone, using hotspot TomTom connects but traffic and mydrive showing service un

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I'm using a Nokia 3. Any suggestions. Please note works fine connected to different SIM provider hotspot.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Mrfister
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    The GO PROFESSIONAL 6250 does not require to be connected to a hotspot for getting Traffic updates.
    The device comes with a built-in SIM. so it connects to TomTom Services over the air when you drive on a planned route.

    Just do a soft reset, log in to your TomTom account on the device and test it on a planned route.

    Regards, Vikram
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    Disagree with above response. TomTom switched off all internal. Sims 2.5years ago.

    Therefore whilst drive you now have to tether smart phone to the 6250 to get mydrive and traffic and of course data updates.

    Back to the question

    Why is my new EE sim not allowing data transfer. Vodafone O2 and Giffgaff work properly.

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    Hi @Mrfister

    Where did you get the idea that all sims were turned Off 2.5 years ago. There are many users still running GO6250 units and other similar Truck devices as well as loads of Car units with the Inbuilt Sims working including ones I am operating.. As @VikramK works for Tomtom he would know if they were turned Off and so is hardly likely to say that is how Traffic should be supplied to your device.

    If you have been using your Phones data for the last 2.5 years then your Inbuilt sim will probably have been turned Off as once 18 months without use has passed and it cannot be re activated.

    I have an EE sim in my iPhone and have no problem getting Traffic on units without inbuilt sims.

    I suggest that you try contacting Customer Support to see if they can sort out the inbuilt sim

    Try the following:-

    Tap Support at the top of this page
    Sign in Top Right of next Page. (you have to do this)
    When signed in Tap Contact Us bottom right
    Help Box appears and after a few seconds Get in Touch also appears
    Tap Get in Touch
    You are now offered Chat or Email. If Chat is closed it will tell you the hours that it will be available.

    Chat is busy you may have to try a few times.

    If the above does not work exactly as suggested try another Web Browser.