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Go 50s will no longer connect with my phone

I know it's old, but my 50s had been working fine with my Android Pixel 4a. Then stopped this week. I have now deleted the MyDrive app on my phone, deleted the pairing on my phone, reinstalled MyDrive app but now it wants a QR code to reconnect to the TomTom; looks like there is no QR code on my 50s? The weird thing is, my Bluetooth is on on my phone and sees other devices but not the TomTom, and my TomTom can see other phones and devices but not my Pixel 4a. What can I do?
Also the battery life is so bad (has always been bad) so that I have to leave it plugged in to my car cigarette lighter outlet to use it. Is finding a new battery worth it? It's a new cable.


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    See above, still unanswered
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