Why only 1 route option which is wrong!

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My tom-tom go app on Samsung s 10 plus has recently started giving only 1 route option to my place of work (63 miles and 1 hour 10 minutes ish) if I ignore it and go 1/4 mile in what I know is a better route it changes to 34 miles and 50 mins. My settings are correct, I have deleted and re installed the app. It is now unreliable to the point of having to use Google maps. It also crashes most mornings and needs a phone restart which is far from ideal as I am driving! Please help.


  • lampard
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    Hi @Simongloucester

    Sorry about my late reply! It would be great if you can provide more info about the route: departure, Starting point, and destination? Any restrictions you set up (Avoid toll roads, unpaved roads) in the routing settings of the App which is rejecting the route you want to see?

    Regards, lampard