Mydrive App for Android - High Battery Use on Pixel 5

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This problem has been around since the year dot! When will the software developers give us the opportunity to load and unload the app without the need to connect and disconnect the mobile to the app. It is a joke that even after all these (5+) years, they still have not been able to reduce battery use. 21% After 24hrs. Battery usage for the rest of the apps only 1-2%!


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    live chat or email to customer care
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    Same for me on an AGM A8 android with a larger than average battery. The app eats the battery. When bluetooth is disabled android still reports bluetooth eating the battery. After reading about the longevity of this issue I find it a total disgrace that the development team have not been able to address this. How an earth can anyone use this app when adventure riding or 4 day camping tours?