Can I just get a UK map update for a 2013 Mazda 6 built in nav system?

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I don't want to pay for European maps I don't need, and UK only maps are available for other TomTom products, but its not an option on TomTom HOME update for my SD card based in car nav.

Is there a way to put an up to date UK map on this device, as that would be £20-£25 cheaper than the full European map?

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  • rider1rider
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    only europe
  • A150
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    I have a Mazda 2 Venture (2013) with the NB1 8110 system fitted. I currently have the UK maps installed on my SD card and everything works fine for me.

    I originally had the European Maps installed and decided to remove them as I too never needed nor wanted to pay for maps I won't use.