TomTom Live. It is possible?

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Bought second hand Renault Grand Scenic 3 with carminat tomtom.

1) Bought Live subscription
2) Discovered from TomTom support, that sim card is disabled in my device
3) Support team told, that will give me refund in 2 days. Never got refund, support just closed my ticket without any answer. (it was 5 weeks ago) (~$50)
4) Went to Renault. They told, that THERE ARE NO REAL POSSIBILITY to buy new navigation device, because they are not produced any more.
5) They offered to me "sim card replacement". So, I bought TomTom 5100 with live support, and they just changed SIM from those device. ($300 price of new navigation, $100 costs of SIM replacement)
6) Still - not connecting.

My questions:
How can I use LIVE services in my car?
Why you just can't re-assign device ID to this SIM card?
If you can't - can I buy directly from TomTom new SIM? I can pay max $100 for this.
If you can't - who will refund all those costs?

This is really disappointing thing.


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    Hi @True_zuzu
    Welcome to the community!
    The SIM id is associated with the devices serial number. Once the SIM is deactivated, it not possible to reactivate it again. We send out a communication email to our customers who don't have a valid subscription on their account.

    Could you send me the ticket number for your contact to our customer service through a private message, please?

    You have to contact the car dealer refund and charges you paid to them. Regarding the refund for the LIVE Services subscription, I will check why the case got closed and arrange a follow up once I have the ticket number.

    More information is available on our support article here-

    Regards, Vikram
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    Can I buy NEW SIM directly from TomTom?
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    In general - SIM card deactivation by TomTom is "Planned obsolescence"

    Different types of obsolescence can be distinguished:

    Planned obsolescence, in its strict sense, consists of designing a product to have a shorter life, if necessary by designing it to run only for a limited number of operations.

    Indirect obsolescence generally occurs because the components required to repair the product are unobtainable or because it cannot be repaired (e.g. batteries welded into an electronic device).

    Incompatibility obsolescence occurs, for example, when software no longer works once an operating system is updated. This type of obsolescence is linked to after-sales obsolescence, which encourages consumers to replace rather than repair a product, partly due to the time and cost of repair.

    Style obsolescence occurs because marketing campaigns lead consumers to perceive existing products as out-of-date. It is pointless to make manufacturers produce tablets that last ten years if our consumption patterns make us want to replace them every two years. For example, mobile phones are replaced every 20 months on average (every 10 months in the 12-17 age group). Despite the importance of this issue, the opinion will only address the first three points. The fourth point warrants a separate approach relating to consumption patterns.

    I think, that I need to talk with my lawyer about this case.
    Wrote ticket number. Still – no refund