Scandic characters (å, ä, ö) are not properly displayed

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I recently updated my ancient Start 20 to a Go 520. On the contrary to the Start 20 POI's can't be added directly to , edited on nor deleted directly from the device on the Go520. Instead I have edited my POI-lists on my computer, using the online POI-editors "" and "". Unfortunately though doing this, all the scandic characters (å,ä,ö) are replaced with other signs. When using the "" this replacement happens while using the editor. When using the "" this replacement takes place somewhere between editing and moving file to navigator (scands look ok in the editor). If a POI is not edited at all the scandic characters remain ok, but even the slightest edit of a POI causes the issue in that POI.
Does anyone have a clue of what is causing this issue? Or even better, does anybody know how to solve this problem?

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    "" is not tomtom sponsored
    can be due to a program bug