An old question...not resolved YET! NO MAPS AVAILABLE

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A bit of help please?

I have an older GO6000 - Model: 4FL60 and I can't update it, I used to get this message then TomTom told me to add a sim card which I did and it worked fine for a few years, but now it fails again...

What am I doing wrong please?

Or is this model now obsolete?

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  • DougLap
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    Hi @Soutie69

    The GO6000 is not obsolete however it only has 8gb of internal memory and so the current Europe map will not fit on it unless you add an extra memory card. If you have a memory card fitted how big is it. Did you mean a memory card instead of a SIM card.

    If you have tried to update it and there has been an issue during the process the map can be lost resulting in the No Map Found display. If you only have one map on the device then maybe @VikramK can add a small map to your account which you can load onto the units internal memory. The advantage is that if you then do an update on a Map and lose it you still have a map on the device so you can start and run the unit normally and reload the map.