Reported road closure, but not marked on the map

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Hello there,

I have problem-I reported closed highway on-ramp, my report is accepted, but the closure is still not marked on the map.


Can you please look into it?

Thanks and have a nice day,

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  • John-Jay
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    Hi, @Sour_Lem0n ,

    Obviously this is primarily a Peer to Peer Help Group (although TomTom Moderators do help run the Group & can sometimes pass your query onwards).

    However, it would be useful to know Which "App" or "Device" you are talking about, since the timescales may be different. Also it would be useful to know when your Correction was accepted!

    All I can say is that, for the majority of "Devices" (that get 3-monthly updates) it can take about 6 months (after the change has been accepted) for it to appear onto the Device!
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Sour_Lem0n
    Thanks for sharing the report id.
    It's been reported as a temporary road closure so ideally it should be picked up by our automated systems and rolled out as a real-time update(TomTom Traffic).

    I will send this one to my team to be reviewed. Will get back once there is an update to share.

    Thanks, Vikram
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Sour_Lem0n
    Sorry for my late reply. The closure was added on Friday (26th March 2021).
    I already see it in MyDrive web-,14.4925,16.62,0,-0+search={"input":"Pod Chodovem 7, 14900 Prague, CZE","coords":[50.03524,14.49247]}+ver=3

    It should also be reflecting on our TomTom devices when they are connected to TomTom Services.

    Regards, Vikram :)