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Marek_MkZMarek_MkZ Posts: 45 [Renowned Trailblazer]
IMHO current way of map updates schedule is very bad. I've started my TTG subscription encouraged with weekly map updates (that was one of the reasons to check TTG). I'm also beta tester and long term user of Sygic and my hope was that with this weekly updates I'll obtain map changes much earlier than with Sygic (I've got there monthly updates). And I'm very disappointed - all errors that I've corrected within last 3 months in MapShare are visible in Sygic and none in TTG (firstly they were visible in MapDrive and with Sygic - with next map update). That is very strange that TT application doesn't get map updates as fast as possible (that was the reason for introduction NDS map format as we all read). So as feature request please - drop these weekly updates which bring only cosmetics changes taking your resources and make complete map updates much more often than now.


  • dezmodezmo Posts: 45 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    I must agree that the new NDS map meaning is for me nothing else just:

    1) The update process itself is takes more time than before
    2) There is no information about what has been updated.
    3) The new maps quality is noticeably worse than it was.
    4) The promised one week frequency is unfortunately not kept.
  • AmirMhmdAmirMhmd Posts: 17 [Master Explorer]
    Totally agree with both of you
  • Cjuk81Cjuk81 Posts: 20 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    I dont understand the map updates at all. Road features, such as a road through a park that is permantly closed to any vehicles ive reported in the past becasue the map throught it was a through road says it has been done, but the road is still open on the map and tomtom wants to use it. Other things such as address changes have taken place. So how often do things like road changes happen? To me, it seems about once a year as ive other outstnading changes that ive reported months and months ago that arnt on the map. including a large roundabout near me that ive been driving round for 2 years and its still not on the tomtomgo map, yet its been on the Mydrive map for a long time! Its things like that makes me wonder if the updates are rubbish.
  • Marek_MkZMarek_MkZ Posts: 45 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Today I've downloaded big map update. All my fixed map corrections are not present again. The only change I've observed is the presence of roads which were correctly placed on TT maps (MapDrive, MapShare) for years but vanished on maps used in TTG (I was writing about this in other thread). That's pity - now it seems that TTG navigation cannot be fully trustworthy. It's too bad. Especially that I've liked many features of TTG (routing, ETA calc., traffic issues presentation...) but it is really difficult to follow navigation when You know that maps can be inaccurate and outdated.
  • Cjuk81Cjuk81 Posts: 20 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Lol, no sooner had i written the post then an update came out and added my missing roundabout. Still, it took a long time, i can only think that there was an error and this caused the roundabout to not be added as i filled out another report saying it still wasnt there. Other changes ive reported such as a businees in the wrong place etc have all been done and updated at least.
  • Marek_MkZMarek_MkZ Posts: 45 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Lucky You. It seems that I need to wait at least another several months for my "fixed" update. And that is really wrong. First of all navigation soft should have actual maps. In principal, according to great descriptions of new map format and their advantages, maps can be updated independently for each country - but up to now it doesn't seem to work like that - still there are small weekly updates and rare big update for all downloaded countries in one moment. One could think that independent map updates means that update for given country will be issued when is needed due to changes in road network so let's say in present week for PL next for HR, D and so on (and IMHO it should work like that) - now one still has to wait for global big update, so where is the advantage of new map format? The only one I can see is that I don't have to download map for whole Europe but from the updating and fast delivery of road network changes to drivers point of view - there's none
  • AndyG1714AndyG1714 Posts: 74 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    TT gives more and more lies and think we're dumb. These "updates" are just for closed roads and turn restrictions, that's IT!
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