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firt hours with: GO DISCOVER 7

macman_2021macman_2021 Posts: 21 [Master Explorer]
Hi Vikram,
just used my,GO DISCOVER 7, HD,
- can you confirm me that, if the SMALL..MEDIUM..sizes are in blue..clickable,but the :BIG size of the unit ,for : ROAD SIGNS, is in grey,means that what i see actually on the display, is..the bigger size?

- is it possible to hope in an upgrade of the firmware ,to have bigger dimensions for the..speed limit sign and actual speed sign ,below on the display unit?
they have the same..little dimension of the premium x ,of 6"..absurd.
I have to open Sygic,in Apple car pla,to see a big speed limit and actual speed of the car sign.
this is something about the security and to avoid a..fine for speeding.


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,677
    edited March 23
    Hi Vikram,
    just used my, GO DISCOVER 7, HD,
    - can you confirm me that, if the SMALL…MEDIUM…sizes are in blue…clickable, but the :BIG size of the unit, for : ROAD SIGNS, is in grey, means that what I see actually on the display, is… the bigger size? (Snip)
    'Yes'... When the 'Text size button' is Selected/Active it turns grey....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • macman_2021macman_2021 Posts: 21 [Master Explorer]
    a misunderstanding,may be ,in your answer?
    when the size button is blu.,.is active.,if the max size is appearing on the road sign ,on display ,,this active.,
    take care.
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