No Windows & no Mac = no Support !?

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All of my computers are running Ubuntu Linux, the biggest distribution of desktop Linux in the world. But yet, there is no version of MyDrive Connect to install on my computers, so I can't update my TomTom GPS. Very sad.
Because it would be very easy to make one. It's easy to modify a program running under MacOS (also based on Unix/NetBSD) to work under debian/Ubuntu. Using the snap-system, installation is easier than Windows or Mac.
And what about the millions of ChromeOS machines that are being sold? No software for those, either.
TT should realise that the Operating Systems of computers are also changing, and that they should keep up. If they don't they will be left behind and this GPS will be the last one I ever buy. Or is TT already abandoning the market for GPS in the car?
Anyway, here's my simple question: when will there be support for Linux by TomTom ?