Rider 550 not working at all anymore

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Hello everybody,

so today I decided to get my Rider 550 ready for the new season as it has been in the drawer since November because I figured I will probably have to make a bunch of updates etc. .

These are the problems I have at the moment:

It will not connect to my WiFi. It says it is not in range. I can assure you it is. I also already have read through various threads with this problem and tried out a bunch of things of which none have worked so far.

It will not connect to my phone / MyDrive App. It also says it is out of range. I can add a "new" Device with the app by scanning the QR-Code. It briefly says it has successfully paired but then just goes back to the screen where it says the Rider is out of range.

It will not connect to my PC / MyDrive Connect for Win10 (with the original Micro-USB cable). The Rider is charging however and I can get a connection with a different device and the same cable. So cable should not be the issue. I have also tried out other cables. Still wont connect to my PC

I did soft resets. Still have the same problems.

I then did a hard reset. I still have the same problems.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • DougLap
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    Hi @MattiMuc

    Have you ensured it is fully charged. If not then I suggest that using the same USB cable that you then connect that to an Apple or similar Phone mains charger plug and leave for at least 2 hours. This offers a better charge than when the unit is connected to a PC's USB socket.

    The inbuilt batteries do not like long periods with no recharging and will ultimately fail if allowed to go flat for long or frequently.

  • MattiMuc
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    Hi @DougLap, I had it charging for about 30 minutes. So no it is not fully charged.
    Thanks for your tip, I will try that and report later if that made a difference.

  • MattiMuc
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    As @DougLap suggested I fully charged my device.
    At first I still had the same issues. I then realized that the Rider can find my Wifi but for some reason only gets as its IP Adress. I removed the wifi from the device and rebooted my router. I was then able to fully connect to my wifi and install all updates.

    MyDrive App (Google Pixel 3XL) [SOLVED]:
    Still was not able to connect. Then realized that my Fitbit Charge 4 is also connected to my Phone :# Disconnected Fitbit and was immediately able to connect to the MyDrive App.

    MyDrive Connect (Win10)
    I still have issues. The Rider is charging, but the the Win10 program can't see it. I have tried various USB Ports 2.0 and 3.0 on my PC as well as over 4 different Micro-USB cables including the original one.
    It also does not pick up in my Windows device manager.

    Thanks and cheers