why is the navigator 6250 professional taken on small roads in germany?

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at first I checked, but then I stopped looking at the route along which it leads. and then he turned me on that my hair stood up. Why did your navigator take me off the B10 road to the L495 road? there was a sign of limitation 12 meters long. then I went to the top and he offered me a ride on the K61 road. on the K61 road, I drove in and realized that I had nothing to do there, only my truck was not available. request to you. make it so that the navigator does not drive on these small roads marked (L) example (L495) and also do not use road (K) example (K61) where only a truck is placed. if you do this you will have an excellent navigator. Garmin will be in second place compared to yours. it was in germany4jf9ha9og1uc.jpg