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how much is an extended warranty

how much is an extended warranty


  • jimmyttjimmytt Posts: 7 [Master Traveler]
    no answer why not?
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    jimmytt wrote: »
    how much is an extended warranty
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    jimmytt wrote: »
    no answer why not?
    Probably because you only waited for 1 Minute between your 1st & 2nd post....
    This is a Tomtom user Forum where users help each other....
    (Overseen by Tomtom Staff)

    Yes Tomtom were offering an extended Warranty with new devices, but I have not seen the offer on the site for a while ???

    Maybe Contact Tomtom Support....
    Due to COVID-19 the phone service has been suspended
    The way of contacting Customer Services has changed
    For Tomtom Support Email or Chat lines...
    (Monday to Friday Normal Office Hours)

    (1)... A couple of Tips when Contacting Tomtom Support....

    (2)... Tomtom FAQ … How to Contact Tomtom Support....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,186 Moderator
    Hi @jimmytt
    The extended warranty service was offered for a limited period and only for devices that were sold in Europe.
    TomTom has discontinued selling this service a few years ago.

    Thanks, Vikram
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