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Password not accepted by MyDrive Connect

Hi. I just downloaded MyDrive Connect to upgrade my Go device, but it won't accept my pasword. Password works fine on I tried resetting the password and try again, but stil same result. It simply will not accept any password I type...

I can find people having had similar problems back in july/august 2019, but nothing after that...


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,711 Moderator
    Hi @Nazgarot
    Welcome to the community!
    Strange, the same password should get accepted in MyDrive Connect as well.
    Could you do a clean reinstallation of MyDrive Connect and check if the issue persists.
    The steps in the article here should help you with the process.

    Thank you, Vikram
  • NazgarotNazgarot Posts: 2 [New Seeker]

    The issue persisted. I tried a full removal, and reinstall, and still had the same problem.

    I then tried changing the password to something simpler, only using 8 characters (original was 14), and now it works... No idea what caused the issue, but I'll try changing the password back again and see if I still can log in.

    I'm running latest version of windows 10 and chrome for web login.

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