My watch is a little over a year and the battery cannot make it through a long run. Syncing is OFF

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I'm not having any luck on the site trying to see if I can get a battery replacement. This is my 2nd tom tom runner and my first one lasted 4 years so I don't know why this one is dying so early. Their chatbot doesn't help me and I can't find how I could send it in for a new battery and I am 10 days out from running a half which I hate to do with a watch that can't make it to 9 miles.


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    TT Sports does not offer a battery replacement and I am not sure they battery is covered under the warranty (which is only one year anyway). If you still are covered under warranty you can try to get them to replace it but you are limited to chat or email during business hours in India and there is no way it will be done in 10 days. You can try a factory reset and see if that helps but it is likely a depleted battery. Even though you bought it one year ago, it would have been manufactured at least 3 or 4 years ago as TT Sports went out of business and ceased all production over 3 years ago.