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My TomTom GO 5100 is no longer charging

I cannot charge the device and when in use in the car it cuts out frequently even though it seems to be powered up. I have left it plugged in at home overnight but battery status remains at Zero. Any ideas what needs to be done?


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    Hi @tony.birtley_un35

    If you have tried charging it at home if it was with it still on the mount then plug the cable directly into the back of the unit. They will check if it a mount issue.

    Try another cable to check it is not a cable issue.

    If still a problem then it could well be a battery issue and maybe, particularly if it has ben left uncharged for a longish period which is not a good thing for the inbuilt batteries, you may need to replace it.

    Go to Youtube and look for videos on changing a Tomtom GO5100 battery and if you feel confident enough to do it yourself at your own risk then the batteries and small tool kits are available from Ebay etc.

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