Maps corrupted during update. can't restore via MyDrive Connect

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I recently got an update message for maps updating.
went to take a charger to keep it on a charger during update proces.
plugged it in, started the update, after a while came to check on it.
update failed.
now the maps are corrupted, so followed the guide / video to try and recover them.
for some reason i can't recover/ reinstall the maps, tried different 16gb external micro sd cards. one got recognized just once, after that not anymore.
so i'm stuck with a device that does not have a map and thus not useable (would not have been a big issue before, but i switched jobs and my new truck does not have an navigation build in).

please help me out on this one as i've been trying for 2-4 hours the last 2 days to get the 620go truck navi to work again.

best regards and many thanks to all

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