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Rider 2013 with lifetime maps - free up space for your new items fail

Hi folks,

On connecting my Rider 2013 to update the device my Mac prompted me to install a new version of TomTom HOME, which I did.

It then offered the usual selection of updates including the expected Western Europe Map. At the point of telling me to free up space to install my selected part of the map, it reported 'you need to free up 1671Mb', but offers only 3 files to remove totalling just 14Mb. It states installed items are 3693Mb. Yet when I look at Manage your Navigation device, there are no large files, no maps, just application, 1 postcodes, 1 quickGPSFix and 8 voices.

Seems TomTom Home is misreporting the device storage usage. It says Device memory is 3716.9Mb, install items is showing as 3693.3Mb. I have checked for large fils via Finder in 'Internal' but see none.

Any ideas how I can get a map back on this device folks?


  • Biker-xBiker-x Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I just ran Disk utility on the Internal drive of the Rider and it says 3.88Gb used, yet I cannot see any large files in Explorer. Maybe something big is hidden?
  • Biker-xBiker-x Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Resolved it myself folks - anyone in similar spot might try making copy of the TomTom Internal disk to a local folder on your laptop. Format the TomTom Internal drive as it was originally, in my case FAT32. At this point you will notice you have full capacity back, in my case 3.2Gb. Connect to TomTom Home and when prompted install the latest map. Reconnect and my TomTom Home offered to reinstall the latest application, but on clicking OK it wasn't offered. So I copied the copy of the TomTom Internal drive I made back onto the device. When prompted whether to overwrite existing files I declined (assuming these were the corrupt ones). All was then well. Best to run a backup at the point you find all is working as expected. Hope that helps someone. Cheers.
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