2011 Clio Carminat issue.

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Hey guys I just purchased a used 2011 Clio. The Tom Tom didn’t come with the sd card for the sat nav and managed to get one online. Problem is I was advised it’s not the live map version I need however someone else told me I Do need the live map version.

Anyway I got the live map version and tried to instal to the carminat.

Before doing so I was able to use Bluetooth and see everything other than menus on the sat nav screen like radio channel etc. Now I see nothing but red x and an hour glass.

When I put the card in the first time it was doing a loading screen then timed out to an hour glass and now is just red x pointing at sd card slot.

I now can’t get access to Bluetooth again nor change the green screen on my sat nav. I’ve tried deleting the loopdir as stated on some of these forums but still does nothing. It’s not even showing up on the home2 app either.

The sd card has all its files on there but the carmitan just won’t initialise the sd card. Which is making me believe it’s then non live version I need.

It’s a 2011 Clio if anyone can help.

1) can anyone tell me if the non live version sd card will help?

2)is there anything else I can do to get it off the green screen?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Fifty3rd
    Welcome to the community!
    I reviewed your TomTom account and I don't find a device linked. So it's difficult to say whether its a LIVE model.

    I think you are confusing the LIVE services with map updates.
    To get LIVE traffic and speed camera updates on the go, you will have to subscribe to a subscription to LIVE Services[Compatible only with Carminat devices that come with a built-in SIM]
    Also, read this article- https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360013902020

    The reinitialization process should work after inserting the card into the device.

    Hope you are doing it correctly? [Detailed steps about the procedure here]- https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013961519]

    Also, are you using a compatible memory card- https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013900980

    Some additional information-
    For map update subscription- http://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/maps/travel-maps/
    LIVE Services subscription- https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sat-nav/maps-services/shop/live-services/

    Regards, Vikram
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    Hi vikram thanks for the quick reply.

    I can’t add any devices as the SD card isn’t showing up. I have a Renault approved sd card live maps one. With regards to the live services I don’t have an option anywhere in the car to add a SIM card so it could be I have the wrong sd card and maybe need to get the non live version.
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    there are two Carminat-models:

    Carminat (without LiveServices, the older one)
    Carminat 2.0 Live (with LiveServices)

    I guess you mean LifetimeMapSevices not LiveMaps. LifetimeMapService don't exist for Carminat Devices.

    So you can only purchase a Map-Update-Subscription (maybe 12 or 18 Month) that allow you to download every quarter year a new Map (for both Carminat-Models)

    You can purchase Live-Services (for Traffic-/Radar-Information) but only if you have a Carminat 2.0 Live

    You can't add manually a SIM-Card. A SIM-Card is a build-in in the InDash-Carminat 2.0 Live.

    I guess that your Car has the Carminat (without Live) because of the manufacturing year.

    The green Screen with red cross say, that there is a faulty or corrupt Navcore on the Device and it can't boot correctly. Maybe because you try to install a wrong Navcore.
    Navcore is the Operating System of the device (Linux-based)


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    Troubleadix12 no my system is the live maps. I contacted Renault customer service and they checked my vin to confirm which carminat system it is. They advised it was the live map version no SIM card.

    The system isn’t letting me reinitialise any sd card I put in. I’ve tried soft reset with engine off etc but no luck. I can’t access any menus to do a full reset either.
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    believe me, Renault haven't any Device or Services that is named "live maps". You always have to pay for maps. Either for one Map, that allow you to download and install one latest Map-Version, or for a map-subscription, that allow you to download up to four Map-Versions (one in a quarter year). Last is named "One-Year-Map-Subscription". Only if you buy a brand new car, sometimes they give you the first three years the Maps for free every quarter year. But this is not "LiveMaps" or "LifeTimeMapUpdate" or any else that you think about Map for free.

    If your Device have no SIM-Card inbuild, it is the older Carminat (without Live)... believe me. Then you can't use "Live Services" like Traffic, Weather, TomTomPlaces, Warning for mobile Radar, etc.

    Renault released the following InDash Devices in their cars:

    TomTom Carminat (without SIM-Card and therefore without LIVE, no Live Services)

    TomTom Carminat 2.0 Live (with SIM-Card inbuíld, therefore with Live-Services over the 2G CellPhoneNetwork, again and again, it has nothing to do with "LiveMaps")

    RLink (with SIM-Card)

    RLink Evolution (with SIM-Card and additional with AndroidAuto, to navigate via Smartphone, like GoogleMaps or Waze)

    RLink II (with SIM-Card and now without TomTom-Navigation-Software, now the Navigation-Software Renault switched to NNG iGoPrimoNX, but use TomTom's raw maps)

    EasyLink (with SIM-Card, the newest InDash-Device for the new Renault-models)