Cannot ride to Czech republic from the UK with Rider 450?

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Hi there!
I've a rider 450 but although I have plenty of space, I cannot add multiple europe zones to my rider so (as I want to get through the uk-france, I cannot use it.
Sure, I can download the map (central zone) but for me, I want to go through the uk and france to get there.
Is there a fix for this please?


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    install full europe
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    Welcome to the site....
    On the Rider 450 You have 16GB of on-board memory... install full Europe Map

    Stay Safe ATB YFM
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    Thanks soooo much for your replies guys but the option of full map is not there.
    Europe is split into zones and the only zone uk is in is the western zone.
    If I select another zone (central or eastern) to include cz, I lose uk on the central and both uk and france on the eastern one.
    If I download a different europe zone, it deletes the zone that has uk on it.
    I can only have 1 europe zone on it at 1 time. Bizzare as space is not a problem.
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    Maybe a long shot but is the solution to have two SD cards, the right map on each. One SD card to navigate down to Dover. Another one for Dover onwards. That is of course assuming the thing has an SD slot.

    There's always a chance that TomTom will think you are trying to rip off their maps so you might have to get creative.

    The map zoning, if that's right term, is total pain if you start in UK. Once on the continent the zoning is workable. Otherwise you have to carry all the kit necessary to upload each map as you go and come back.

    Worst case its navigate to the ferry terminal and back the old fashioned way before using the technology to get there. Again it would useful if the developers got out here, used their kit and found out how limited it can be.
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    Hi @triumph_rider_1050

    If you go to Maps in Settings and tap Choose another map have you got the Full Europe already installed because that is what the unit comes with pre installed. If you have select it and then delete the other Europe map you have put on it as the Europe map covers everywhere. The Europe map is about 8.7gb.

    If you do this add a small map like Venezuela or Iraq so you have 2 maps on the unit minimum.
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    Hi. @triumph_rider_1050

    If you haven’t already got Full Europe circa 8.7gb installed then try the following.

    Go to Maps and Add the U.K. Map to the device. Then go to Maps and delete all other maps you have on the unit then when you have done that Press and Hold the On/Off button for 20 seconds plus until you hear the Drumroll sound and then let button go. The unit will then restart.

    When you have done that if you go to Add a Map do you not have the Full Europe Map 8.66 gb offered along with the regional versions??