Every time my mouse cursor go out of the page, I have a evaluation pop up

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What is that strange and realy borring feature ?
I want to chage tab on Chrome or move the mouse out of the page => a popup.
I check "Dont ask me again", nothing to care, the popup come.
But it have remenbered that I ve check "Dont ask me again". :-) Funny ... or not.

So for 15 minutes on this site, I've evaluted Bad like 20 time.


  • VikramK
    VikramK Administrators Posts: 14,283
    Hi @MarcoPauloTomtom
    I am using Google Chrome and I don't see if once I tick -'Don't ask me again'

    Do you have some browser extensions enabled?
    Try opening the side in an incognito mode without any extensions and see if you are able to reproduce the same behaviour.

    Regards, Vikram