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Map bug - Croatia

Marek_MkZMarek_MkZ Posts: 31 [Outstanding Explorer]
Hi. I've found bug in map - lack of the road fragment in Croatia. Missing is road number 547 through Mali Alan pass in South Velebit mountains (screenshot from MapDrive portal). It is touristic, very picturesque road (although mostly unpaved) were I've been several times. Problem is, that the only place where this road is not continous (large fragment is missing) is the TTGo apk. In MapDrive and MapShare portals this road is properly displayed so I cannot report missing part of the road in MapShare portal. Moreover as You can see on screenshot route can be calculated through that road without any problem in MapDrive portal. Saving this route as a trace and opening in TTGo apk gives error No route possible (I've go avoid upaved roads setting off). Where can I report that or is it enough to report it here? Please correct



  • fergussionfergussion Posts: 83 [Revered Navigator]
    The mapshare indeed looks good!
  • Marek_MkZMarek_MkZ Posts: 31 [Outstanding Explorer]
    The road was in TT maps for years. I've been there at least twice within last 3 years using Sygic navigation (which uses TT maps). And in Sygic it is still accessible with all side roads as it is in MapShare and MapDrive portals. It seems that only TTGo apk doesn't see all roads there.
  • Marek_MkZMarek_MkZ Posts: 31 [Outstanding Explorer]
    edited March 12
    I have found by accident the same bug in Poland map. Road present in MapDrive (light blue route on screenshot), MapShare portals, also in Sygic which also can do routing through this road but not in TTGo. And this time it is normal paved road.

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