Charging Station POI updates - opting in and out

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I currently don't need or want the Charging Station POIs on my device which means I really don't want to be prompted to update them.

I'm expecting to find something within settings to turn this all off (or back on if desired) but I can't find anything?

Turning off would hide all notifications etc that there is a new update that needs to be downloaded and installed.

But if I started using a vehicle that benefited from this (even temporarily) then I can enable it myself and install them just like I can switch maps by myself. And also turn them off again afterwards.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @JamesGB
    You should be able to customize it depending on your preference.
    Main menu- Settings-Appearance- tap on Show POI list on the map-tap on charging stations- finally tap on hide.
    Further, you can avoid these updates in future by deselecting them when they are offered under updates.

    Thanks, Vikram